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Political Leadership


Political Leadership

Political leadership is essential to creating a green economy. Only politics can make the major structural decisions needed and balance competing objectives. Green Alliance ensures that each of the parties has the political ideas and internal pressure to put the green economy at the heart of their programmes for government. 


Green Standard 2013

In the run up to the 2013 party conferences we worked with six of the UK’s leading environmental NGOs to put together a review of UK political leadership on the environment since the 2010 general election. The review charts the highs and lows of the performance of senior politicians over the past three years, and identifies the party-specific challenges that will have to be overcome if they are to provide effective leadership in the future.


Green Roots

The two year Green Roots programme seeks to stimulate green thinking more deeply in the philosophical traditions of the three main parties, through three specific projects:

Green conservatism 
Green liberalism  
Green social democracy



The future of UK infrastructure

A new analysis of the UK's low carbon infrastructure has found that the UK is ready to benefit from major new low carbon while major change to the nature of infrastructure is occurring through a multitude of small scale projects and activities.

News release 10 July 2013


Climate Leadership Programme

Our Climate Leadership Programme, running since 2009, aims to give MPs the knowledge and skills they need to lead a proactive and ambitious climate change agenda. In 2013/14 we are working with small groups of MPs to deepen their engagement with low carbon initiatives and policy, helping them to become strong advocates of ambitious climate action at the constituency and national level.


UK success story

Despite recession, our infographic Green economy: a UK success story shows that the UK's green economic sector is still growing strong. Worth £122 billion in 2011 (9.3% of GDP) it provides nearly a million jobs. And, in Green growth at a a glance, we provide a picture of how the UK's green economy compares with Germany.

Read more in Matthew Spencer’s blog post: Green growth – good for the environment and the economy


Transforming capitalism

In our Autumn 2012 issue of Inside Track, Ed Miliband argued that government should be an agent of change towards more responsible, sustainable capitalism. At the same time, he called for a robust global plan to decarbonise the power sector by 2030.

Read the piece in full on our blog: Government must lead the way to a more sustainable capitalism



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