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sustainable construction - are we closing the loop?

A seminar convened jointly by Green Alliance and the Eden Projectgreenall200x150

30 January 2006
Eden Project,
Cornwall PL24 2SG

The Eden Project is one of the landmark millennium projects with environmental education at its heart. The seminar was one of the first events to be held in 'The Core', Eden’s new education centre and a cutting-edge example of sustainable construction. The event brought together 50 people from a diverse range of perspectives to:

  • forge links between government agendas on sustainable communities, sustainable buildings and the procurement of sustainable public assets;
  • raise the prominence of waste and resource issues in sustainable construction;
  • disseminate the lessons from Eden’s sustainable building programme;
  • disseminate the lessons to date of Eden’s ‘Waste Neutral’ objectives.

The outputs from the day are being used to inform our future work on construction within the Closing the Loop project.
The Spring 2006 edition of Green Alliance’s magazine Inside Track contains further details of the presentations, discussion and outcomes from the event.

Agenda (pdf format - 27KB)
Background scoping paper (pdf format - 107KB)

Powerpoint presentations

Sustainable Communities and the Sustainable Buildings Code
aspirations, outcomes, progress to date, by Neil McDonald, director, Housing Directorate, ODPM.
Powerpoint presentation (107KB)
Summary presentation(17KB)

The Sustainable Procurement Task Force
how procurement can advance the sustainable construction agenda, by Sir Neville Simms, chair.
Powerpoint presentation (517KB)
Summary presentation(16KB)

The Waste Neutral Project
by Chris Hines, director of sustainability, the Eden Project.
Powerpoint presentation (2390KB)
Summary presentation(11KB)

Learning the lessons of the Eden building programme
by Professor Peter Guthrie, University of Cambridge and Caron Thompson, sustainable construction manager, Eden Project.
Powerpoint presentation (1129KB)
Summary presentation(22KB)

Making all communities sustainable
by Professor Anne Power, social policy, London School of Economics, and member of the Sustainable Development Commission.
Powerpoint presentation (1297KB)

Mainstreaming sustainable construction in the construction industry
by Matthew Janssen, company environmental manager, Skanska Integrated Projects.
Powerpoint presentation (1328KB)
Summary presentation (22KB)

Green Alliance would like to thank the McAlpine Joint Venture, the team responsible for the design and construction of the Eden Project, for their support of this event.